Electronic Design and Packaging

Areas of expertise in Electronic Engineering:

  • High Speed PCB Design
  • Mixed Signal PCB Design
  • Software & Firmware Development (uP, uC, DSP)
  • Ground-Plane Engineering
  • EMI Evaluation
  • Power System Evaluation
  • Design Cost & DFM
  • Precision Analog Circuit Design
  • Low-Power Handheld Design
  • Industrial Control Systems

Electronic Packaging Examples:

  • Four different desktop personal computer products: These have all been sheet-metal enclosures with plastic bezels, FCC certified for home and office use. The enclosures were designed for high volume production (functionality and cost-effectiveness were critical considerations). Parts included: chassis, covers, drive bays, power supply enclosures, drive rails, interface panels, bezels, and grounding springs and clips.
  • Two families of rugged portable computer products: Design considerations included EMI/RFI, heat transfer, and shock/vibration resistance.
  • Various parts and components for rack-mounted and stand-alone drive-array products, including slides, doors, and bezels.
  • Packaging of Power supplies used in POS systems.
  • Design of PC's used in control of POS systems.
  • Front Door and shielding design for rack mounted flash disc raid.
  • Rack and Panel design for satellite base station with RF shielding.
  • Rack and Panel air monitoring system for the space shuttle.
  • 10-part Chassis and Bezel assembly was reduced to a 3-part assembly. EMI/RFI was of significant importance.
  • Low profile rack system boot device.
  • High capacity network drive array with redundancies and hot swapping.
  • High speed network router product.
  • Hand held scanner/printer interface.
  • Internet secure time verification device.
  • High capacity battery charging systems.

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