Industrial/Concept Design
Innovation and ideas are key factors in determining your success as a company. Many people consider industrial design as a small portion of the end product. In reality, Industrial Designers provide an important step in the product development cycle. It is the industrial designer's job to ensure the user, and the product, work together seamlessly to perform a task. The result is that the function of the product begins to contribute to the overall aesthetic quality of the product. The designer's attention to aesthetics, addresses the user's total experience of interacting with the designed object. Human factors deal with optimizing the functional interaction between the user and the product as a way of increasing comfort, efficiency, and safety. The selection of appropriate manufacturing materials and processes, user interface components, hardware, and assembly methods during the development of a product is essential to its commercial success.

Industrial Design Tools:

  • MacroMedia FreeHand
  • Adobe Photoshop

Whether creating a more comfortable handle for an industrial sprayer or an innovative line of toys based on a current individual product, we have the technical solutions and the manufacturing knowledge to turn your product ideas into reality. Due to the vast range of concept examples, we would ask you to contact us and let us show you renderings from our portfolio that relate to your interests.


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